The 3d multisensor Tablet.

Easy-to use, all in one portable device.
Powerful Automatic 3d points Cloud generator for Small, Medium an Big objects.
Real Time measurements. Integrated StereoCamera,
Depth Scanning Sensor, GPS-GNSS and IMU.

A powerful Tablet.

i7 intel Ivy Bridge     x64bits     8 GbRam
2 synchronized high definition cameras
Great panorama display
Depth sensor included
GPS-GNSS ntegrated

Points, distances and surfaces can be measured
touching with your fingers in the screen.

Real time measurement can be done using eyesmap.
Take a multiple images and choose the points,
distances or surfaces that you want to measure; automatically,
the coordinates, distances or surfaces will be computed.

3d accurate scanning using photogrammetry
This is fast and easy.

Use a powerful 3d points cloud generator through multiples images.
A dense and accurate points cloud can be generated rapidly.
Big objects like building or small objects like coins can be modelled 100% automatically.
Photorealistic textures is also acquired.

Real example

3d real time scanning using depth sensor.

The depth sensor is a very nice way to capture points cloud fast and easy.
This is optimal for short range distances scanning,
for example indoor scenes, objects, rooms, people or machines.
You can walk and scan the scenes in the same time.

Automatic True Orthophoto generation.

True ortophotos ca be generated
automatically though multiple
images. It is an easy and accurate tool
for architects, archaeologist and other
kind of professionals.

GPS-GNSS integrated.

You can georeferenced your work using an accurate GPS-GNSS.
Get real time coordinates or post process the data increasing highly the accuracy.